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5 Surprising Benefits Of LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is commonly used for its anti-ageing and inflammation-reducing benefits to revitalise skin. LED light therapy helps to promote collagen production, which can improve wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing. Read on to learn about the surprising benefits of LED light therapy and what to expect. 

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED phototherapy is another name for LED light therapy. It’s a non-invasive method of rejuvenating your skin with the power of light energy to leave your skin looking youthful, supple, and radiant.

During the procedure, your skin is exposed to a variety of different kinds of light, including near-infrared light, blue light, and red light. LED phototherapy also speeds up the body’s natural healing process. You can use it on the face and the rest of the body.

Dermalux Flex LED Light Therapy at the Harley Clinic London

5 Benefits Of LED Light Therapy

1. LED Light Therapy for Acne 

LED light therapy can help people with severe acne and acne-prone skin. With the use of blue light therapy, the light penetrates the epidermis and kills acne-causing bacteria, and helps control sebum production to restore the skin.

2. Smoother Skin

Researchers found that LED light treatment is beneficial in treating a wide range of medical skin conditions. It can help with acne and other skin issues like sunspots and discolouration as these lights work their magic, leaving you with smooth, healthy skin.

Depending on your concern, LED light therapy will use different kinds of light. For example, red light is often used in wound healing, while near-infrared light smooths lines and wrinkles and improves elasticity. 

3. Treat Sun-Damaged Skin

UV rays are the primary culprit in the development of a number of skin issues. Exposure to the sun daily can cause various skin problems, including premature ageing, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

LED light therapy is effective in addressing these issues. Most skin problems, including sun damage, can benefit from LED light therapy treatment using a combination of red and blue light.

4. Stimulates Collagen Production

Collagen production can be boosted with the help of red light therapy. It penetrates into the skin’s dermis to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Light therapy can help to rejuvenate the skin, increasing collagen and elastin. 

Patients who had red light treatment for the face twice weekly for 30 sessions showed considerable improvements in skin complexion, skin tone, texture, and collagen density.

Post treatment healing LED light therapy

5. Promotes Wound Healing

Collagen is crucial in wound healing, and red LED light helps to speed up its production. LED light therapy helps to accelerate wound healing for wounds, scars, and more.  

LED light therapy treatments can be tailored to the individual based on their desired outcomes and areas of concern. For instance, treatment with LED light typically involves multiple sessions to target concerns and improve the skin. 

If you’re considering LED light therapy, start your journey with The Harley Clinic. Book a consultation today.

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