Body assessment and the process

Ageing, gradual weight gain, massive weight loss, pregnancies, breast feeding and life in general take their toll on our bodies.  The passage of time, gravity, sun damage, skin type and genetics all play a role in influencing this process.

Procedures aim to reposition, retighten or remove excess or drooping tissue.  Combination procedures are also performed e.g. liposuction and abdominoplasty, the so-called Brazlian tummy tuck. Fat transfer procedures include the Brazilian butt lift.  

A thorough body assessment is the key to developing a bespoke treatment plan that meets your goals and expectations. Within this context we need to take in what’s right for your body type, your build and height.

The process involves:

body contouring 2
body contouring

The goal - appropriate size, shape, symmetry, concealed scars and good skin quality

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