Laura Summers
Specialist Cosmetic Lead Nurse

The service 

The service we offer provides additional support and expertise after a cosmetic surgery procedure, with an approachable and experienced nurse. Our goal is to provide exceptional post operative care to every patient.

What’s Included:

  1. A Pre op telephone or zoom call- this is to meet your nurse and address any surgical related concerns prior to surgery
  2. A responsive post-surgical helpline available for patients to directly message any queries that they may have
  3. A 7-10 day wound check provided in the convenience of a patient’s own home, which includes the application of new dressings, also additional dressings are left in case they are required
  4. Additional visits are available to book on request if required

During your home visit your specialist nurse will:

  1. Offer advice regarding your post-surgical progress and rehabilitation
  2. Provide expert wound management to ensure that things are healing as expected
  3. Offer reassurance and support with showering and hair washing, which is usually a welcome relief post- surgery
  4. Provide emotional support regarding the surgical journey
  5. Support and advice regarding compression garments
  6. Offer holistic care advice to enhance optimal wound healing
  7. Advice regarding scar management
  8. Take medical photographs, document all findings, and liaise directly with your surgeon

Laura Summers is a Registered General Nurse who qualified from Bournemouth University in 2013. Starting her career in haematology and oncology, enabled Laura to master many advanced nursing skills early on in her profession. 

Laura moved into plastic and reconstructive surgery, and worked autonomously from a clinic for a leading national cosmetic surgery company. She has nursed her patients from initial consultation through to discharge at 6 weeks post operatively, which included wound care and complication management, drain removal, suture and clip removal, and psychological support and reassurance. 

During this time, Laura also worked in operating theatres so she could gain experience before, during and after the procedure. She has since worked with many leading independent surgeons solidifying her industry knowledge.

Laura’s passion for this speciality has enabled her to recognise and understand the psychological and physical journey of clients when they undergo elective cosmetic procedure

Laura Summers, Specialist Cosmetic Lead Nurse at The Harley Clinic, London