Red Light Therapy at Home vs In-Clinic

Red Light Therapy at Home vs In-Clinic: What are the Differences?  

LED light therapy is a treatment that involves using different wavelengths of light, including red and blue, to benefit the skin. Read on to find out how it works as we dive into the differences between red light therapy at home vs in-clinic. 

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment that works by stimulating certain rections in the skin in response to different wavelengths of light. The lights don’t contain any UV rays and are considered safe for regular use. 

When used over a course of treatment, the light can penetrate deep into the skin and encourage certain responses. Within LED light therapy, there are different colours of light that are aimed at varying benefits. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the different colour wavelengths within LED light therapy: 

  • Red – also known as infrared light therapy, red light focuses on reducing inflamation and improving circulation. 
  • Blue – targets acne-prone areas to reduce outbreaks. 
  • Yellow – targets overall redness. 
Dermalux Flex LED Light Therapy at the Harley Clinic London

What is the Difference Between Red Light Therapy at Home vs Clinic?

Nowadays, there’s a ton of different at-home light therapy devices to buy. But what’s the difference between red light therapy at home vs in-clinic?  

To deliver results, you need the right wavelength and energy density to treat what it is you’re looking to target. Not all at-home LED light therapy devices are the same, so they range in price and effectiveness. Some come in mask form for the face while others target the whole body. When buying, the device manufacturer should share the amount of LED lights and penetration depth. 

The main concern over home devices is that the light energy isn’t enough to get to the wavelnegth you need. So, it’s important to do your research so that you avoid wasting money on a product that doesn’t deliver. 

On the other hand, by receiving LED light therapy from a trained professional, you can get consistent and effective results. With LED light therapy, consistency is important in achieveing the best result. Clinics tend to have the latest and and most effective technology on the market and have a deep understanding of how light wavelengths promote skin benefits. 

If you have specific skin concerns and goals, then a trained expert can help you achieve them more quickly and effectively. LED light therapy tends to be more effective over time, so you typically have multiple treatments spaced apart to target certain skin concerns. 

Light therapy at the Harley Clinic

LED Light Therapy at The Harley Clinic 

At The Harley Clinic, we offer LED light therapy from Dermalux. Dermalux uses cutting-edge technology for the most advanced LED treatments. By using the 3 most proven wavelengths, we can deliver effective results completely pain-free. Dermalux Fled LED light therapy is proven to improve your skin health. 

If you’re considering LED light therapy, book a consultation today at The Harley Clinic to talk about your skin concerns and goals. We offer a range of skin treatments to improve skin and target specific concerns and improve the overall appearance of your skin, including Profhilo®, Sculptra®, and chemical peels

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