The 4 Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Right Now

After multiple lockdowns, the popularity of lunchtime ‘tweakments’ skyrocketed. As more of the world opens up, people attempt to regain some sort of normalcy. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures remain hugely popular. It’s impressive the effect minimally-invasive treatments can have; let’s dive in. 

As the name suggests, non-surgical cosmetic procedures don’t involve surgery. Usually, they involve injections, lasers, ultrasound, or some sort of tool to perform the procedure. Typically, the treatments are much shorter than cosmetic surgeries and don’t require a general anaesthetic. Because of this, recovery is quicker, and often patients head back to work or carry on with their day afterwards. 

There are several reasons why non-surgical cosmetic procedures are popular, including: 

  • Avoid surgery 
  • Minimal interruption to your life
  • Quicker recovery 
  • Affordable option 

Whether it’s your nose, cheeks, or lips, non-surgical cosmetic procedures can make a big impact. Here are 5 of the most popular treatments right now. 

1. Botulinum Toxin

Throughout the years, botulinum toxin often remains at the top of the list of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This year, the treatment continues to be hugely popular. It’s a quick, relatively painless treatment that you can get on your lunch break. It can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, smooth skin and reduce scarring. 

2. Fillers 

Fillers covers a range of treatments, including lips, cheeks, and facial fillers. Whether you want a fuller pout or a natural-looking boost, lip injections are increasingly popular for transforming the face. Fillers can have a big impact on the overall balance of the face, add volume to the cheeks, and improve the appearance of the chin. 

3. Non-Surgical Nose Job 

The nose has a huge effect on the overall look of the face. While a nose job can help change the shape of the nose permanently, a non-surgical nose job can have a big impact without surgery. A liquid nose job is a massively popular way to change the appearance of the nose without undergoing plastic surgery. 

4. Chemical Peels 

With people spending more time on video calls and online meetings, the face is under the spotlight. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures that address skin concerns remain a popular choice for many. Chemical peels range in strength and can have various benefits like:

  • Smooth skin 
  • Even out skin tone 
  • Reduce the appearance of ageing 
  • Clear up breakouts 

As more people look for non-surgical cosmetic treatments to tweak and optimise their appearance, it’s important to choose a good facility. This is because the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be a little chaotic. Regulation in the UK hasn’t caught up with the industry. This means that some treatments are performed in less than sanitary conditions by unqualified administrators. Therefore, it’s important that you do your research and choose a qualified and experienced clinic. 

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