4 Tips: How Do You Prepare Your Skin for Autumn?

With autumn just around the corner, you can start to think about your autumn skincare routine. Although your skincare regime should suit your skin type all year, you can tweak it throughout the year to suit the season. Keep reading to find out 4 tips to prepare your skin for autumn. 

Why Should You Update Your Skincare Routine

It’s normal for skin to feel a little more oily during the summer and drier in the winter. As the temperature, sun exposure, and humidity levels change, have you thought about updating your skincare routine? While some skincare products can stay with you all year round, it’s a good idea to make some autumnal tweaks.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Autumn 

It’s important to remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to skin health and care. It’s about finding a routine that works for you and your skin type. Here are 4 tips to help you prepare your skin for autumn. 

1. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen 

Many people think that after summer, you can ditch the sunscreen. But, sunscreen is a year-round product. UVA and UVB rays don’t just go away because there’s no sunshine. They can peak through even on the coldest and cloudiest days. It’s crucial that you protect your skin from sun exposure

2. Use a Thicker Moisturiser 

As the weather gets a little colder, it’s all about trying to lock the moisture in. You can switch your lighter moisturiser for a thicker moisturiser at this time of year. You’re looking to replenish the moisture on the skin and get rid of any dry skin from the colder weather. When skin is dry, it can get itchy and uncomfortable. Opt for a moisture-boosting cream to get you through the changing seasons. 

3. Try a Body Lotion 

Although it’s easy to focus on the face, don’t forget about your body, hands, and feet. It’s normal to feel a bit drier as the summer weather comes to an end. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin during colder weather, a body lotion can help add another layer of hydration to the body. 

4. Check Your Products 

Before you switch up your skincare or invest in any new products, check the ones you have. Skincare and makeup do have an expiry date, and makeup brushes and sponges can get dirty. If you’re using clogged up makeup sponges on your skin, it could lead to unnecessary breakouts and grime on the skin. 

As the days start to feel shorter and the leaves begin to drop, you can sense that autumn is on its way. Adapt your skincare routine to the season and opt for products that lock in moisture and hydration. At the Harley Clinic, we can create a skincare routine based entirely on your skin type and any concerns you have. We understand the importance of skincare and can talk you through the options you have available. 

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