How Long Will Liquid Rhinoplasty Results Last? cover

How Long Will Liquid Rhinoplasty Results Last?

Liquid rhinoplasty is a non-surgical procedure to improve the overall appearance of the nose. It is also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, a non-invasive alternative to nose surgery. But how long will liquid rhinoplasty results last? Read on to find out everything you need to know. 

While nose jobs remain popular, with thousands performed every year according to the latest plastic surgery statistics, liquid rhinoplasty offers a way to optimise the appearance of the nose without the need for surgery.

What is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty is non-surgical. Therefore, instead of going under the knife, it involves the injection of a liquid through a fine needle. The liquid is known as a “filler,” and it includes dermal fillers, specifically hyaluronic acid. Also known as face and lip fillers, these fillers are used in other procedures, such as plumbing lips and filling lines and wrinkles in the face.

non-surgical rhinoplasty recovery - before and after - at the Harley Clinic

How is a Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedure Performed?

First, you go through a thorough consultation at the Harley Clinic to determine whether you are the right candidate for the treatment. After, the filler is injected into targeted areas of the nose to add subtle volume and improve your natural appearance. The procedure often takes up to 30 minutes to complete, with instant results.

Why Choose Liquid Rhinoplasty?

  • Safer – It is a safer procedure since you do not undergo surgery; therefore, there are reduced risks of complications.
  • Immediate results – You receive immediate results after undergoing the treatment procedure.
  • More affordable –  It is more affordable than undergoing a surgical procedure.
  • Little recovery time – Liquid rhinoplasty recovery time is often short; therefore, most patients resume their routines immediately after undergoing the procedure.
  • Minimally invasive –  It is non-invasive since no incisions are made, only injections. As no incisions are made, there is no scarring. 

How Long Will Liquid Rhinoplasty Results Last?

Although the results of liquid rhinoplasty are immediate, they won’t last forever. Results last for 6 to 12 months after you undergo treatment. It is important to note that each patient’s case is often unique. Specifically, the liquid rhinoplasty treatment administered is usually tailored to your needs, desired appearance, and nose.

In some cases, patients may not require a top-up treatment for several months, while others may need it sooner. To maintain the result, you will eventually need a top-up appointment. While it’s a long-lasting procedure, it’s not permanent. To make permanent changes to the nose or alter the actual structure of the nose, you would need to consider rhinoplasty surgery. 

These variations are based on factors such as the amount of hyaluronic acid injected, the desired appearance, and the corrections requested. However, if you love the procedure results and would love to maintain your new nose, your surgeon can create a treatment plan to up your results.

The treatment plan involves follow-up appointments at intervals of 6 months. During these appointments, your surgeon tops up the fillers to provide the desired look. As a result, you can enjoy long-lasting results. 

Liquid Rhinoplasty in London at The Harley Clinic

Liquid rhinoplasty is a relatively quick treatment that can have a surprisingly impactful result on the nose and balance of the face. If you are considering liquid rhinoplasty, contact The Harley Clinic team and book a consultation today.

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