Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Trends

As we move firmly into 2021, the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact all our lives. With a significant focus on health going forward, many people’s priorities have changed. In the world of plastic and cosmetic surgery, we’re seeing major changes.

Even with the rollout of a vaccine and going back to some sort of normalcy, are the changes we see here to stay? Let’s explore what’s in and out this year in plastic and cosmetic surgery.  

Cosmetic surgery has made it possible to alter and enhance almost every part of the body. With new technologies and advancements in techniques, procedures change over time. In general, they become more efficient. Like any industry, trends come and go according to current preferences.

1. Non-Surgical Treatments 

Firstly, the rise of non-surgical treatments is apparent. A lot more people are interested in making changes that require minimally invasive procedures with excellent results. From not wanting surgery to having a quicker recovery period, non-surgical treatments are hugely popular. Treatments like non-surgical nose jobs, fillers, chemical peels, and a new generation of injectables are set to take 2021 by storm. 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

2. Skincare and Procedures 

Skin is having a moment right now. It’s not just about skin treatments but skincare itself. Minimally invasive skin tightening treatments are growing in popularity as well as scar lightening, deep peels, and skin treatments that leave you with a glow.  

3. Preventative Ageing through Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

We’re seeing patients lean towards preventative ageing. Rather than turning back the clock completely, they are looking for ways to prevent ageing in the first place. This means that patients are starting to consider botulinum toxin, lasers, and peels in their early twenties. 

4. Combining Non-Surgical and Surgical Procedures 

Another trend that’s increasing is combining non-surgical as well as surgical procedures. This helps to elevate the final result. Treatments like lip fillers and nose jobs and injectables with upper eye lifts are becoming more popular. Combining treatments is a great way to get more out of your visit to the clinic. 

5. Breast Surgeries

Natural breast augmentation via fat transfer

Breast augmentation and breast lifts remain hugely popular. It’s one of those treatments that tend to stay on-trend every year. With a high search volume for breast surgeries, they continue to be among the most popular types of surgery.  

In 2021, the concept of going abroad for plastic surgery will likely be less attractive. With the uncertainty of travel and the horror stories on the internet, medical tourism will be on the decline. International travel restrictions continue to apply around the world, therefore many people will likely turn to their local surgeon at home. 

In addition, another important factor that is changing is that patients are pickier. Above all, hygiene and cleanliness are massively important. They will form a major part of the decision process when deciding where to undergo surgery. 

Finally, oversized proportions are out. Overly large breasts and bum implants that are out of proportion with the body are in decline. Instead, we’re seeing more natural yet full proportions for smooth contours of the body.

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