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6 Useful Skincare Tips for Men This Winter to Combat Dry and Dull Skin

Winter often means harsh weather – brutal winds, low humidity and cold temperatures. These, combined with indoor heat, can wreak havoc on your skin. 

Your skin gets dry; your lips crack, hands chap, and your complexion gets rougher. When that happens, you become more prone to blemishes, breakouts and other skin issues. 

Even with a proactive skincare regime, there is no preparing your skin for the harsher winter months. Luckily, there are things that you can do to protect your skin against the elements. 

6 Skin Care Tips For Men During Winter

Good skin health means changing your skincare regime as the weather changes. There is no better time to revamp your skincare routine than during the harshest season of the year, and here’s how. 

1. Use a Gentle Face Wash

During winter, your skin loses the most moisture. The last thing you want is to strip away even more moisture. 

In the day, your skin will come into contact with dirt, pollution and other impurities. These clog your pores, making you prone to breakouts.

You, therefore, need to clean your skin at the end of every day. Since your skin is already dry, go for a cream-based gentle cleanser to hydrate your skin. 

2. Exfoliate 

During winter, your skin becomes dull. This is due to a build-up of dead skin cells making the skin feel flaky and rough. When your skin is that rough, using a moisturiser will not help. 

So, what do you do? Exfoliate regularly to remove dead cells. If your skin is chapped or wind-burnt, don’t exfoliate the irritated areas. So, how do you get rid of the dead cells?

The first thing you need to use is a balm. Balms prevent and even heal any skin damage. Afterwards, you can go ahead and exfoliate.

Since your skin is facing the harshest of elements, you want to stay away from scrubs. Instead, opt for a chemical exfoliate since it’s less irritating. A chemical exfoliate dissolves dead skin cells and corrects fine lines and blemishes. The result is healthier, smoother and much brighter skin. 

3. Use a Moisturiser

Moisturising should be a part of your skincare routine all year long. But you probably need to moisturise more during the winter months. A good moisturiser hydrates the skin while minimising the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. During the day, apply a moisturiser that has sun protection factors and a repairing formula at night.

4. Use Shaving Cream

Razor burn and bumps during winter can damage your skin. If you still want to shave your beard during winter, take advantage of that time to add more moisture to your skin. Shaving cream or shaving lotion keeps facial hair hydrated as well as the skin underneath. 

5. Shower With Lukewarm Water

When it’s very cold, you want to take a steamy hot shower to warm you up. Don’t do that. While it may feel good, very hot water strips your skin of natural oils. This leads to even drier skin. Instead, opt for short, lukewarm water showers. 

6. Use Lip Balms

During winter, your lips may crack due to low humidity. To prevent that, apply a hydrating lip balm before you go out. At night, apply a hydrating overnight lip mask to heal and restore dry lips.

Winter is one of the harshest times of the year. In this time, damage to your skin is inevitable. You can, however, protect yourself with a good winter skincare routine. 

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