Male Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After Photos

Male breast reduction surgery is a procedure to treat enlarged male breasts, also known as gynaecomastia. If you’re considering male breast reduction surgery, analysing before and after photos will play a part in choosing your plastic surgeon. An expert surgeon should have an extensive library of patients’ results to show you that include a variety of shapes and sizes. By evaluating your potential surgeon’s artistic ability and results, you can understand how you might look after your procedure. 

Gynaecomastia Before and After: What to Look For

It’s common to experience enlarged male breasts. For some patients with gynaecomastia, they need male breast reduction surgery to remove the breast tissue permanently. Although the condition isn’t medically serious, it can have a massive impact on your self-esteem and confidence, especially when not wearing a shirt.


When looking at before and after photos for male breast reduction surgery, start by looking at the placement of scars. It’s important to understand that scars will start red and then fade over time. So, if you’re looking at a scar immediately after the surgery, it will look different after 6 months or 1 year. While all scars are permanent from this procedure, the scars should be concealed in the body’s natural creases. 

Before and after male breast reduction surgery at The Harley Clinic


Gynaecomastia can affect both or one of the breasts. Another thing to look for in before and after photos is symmetry. If you can spot asymmetry or unnatural results, that’s a red flag. It’s normal for patients to have some asymmetry. Skilled surgeons should create symmetrical results. If you notice that there is a different level of symmetry from the before to after images, then you should question why this is.  

Male breast reduction surgery at The Harley Clinic, London

Natural-Looking Results 

Finally, do the results look natural? Do you like how the chest looks natural yet masculine? Incisions should be well-hidden, and the procedure should create a more chiselled chest. The same tip applies when looking at any plastic surgery before and after photos. Ultimately, if you love the results you’re seeing and are a suitable candidate for the surgery, it gives you a good idea of how you could look. 

Male breast reduction surgery at The Harley Clinic

Patient testimonials and before and after images help you determine the type of results your surgeon has achieved. When selecting a plastic surgeon, look for great results and find someone who makes you feel at ease, comfortable, and confident in the surgery. You need to be able to speak to your surgeon openly and honestly to achieve the best results. 

How to Schedule Your Male Breast Reduction Consultation 

It’s important that you speak to an expert plastic surgeon to answer all your questions and discuss your medical history. Schedule your consultation at The Harley Clinic to discuss the latest techniques and your expectations from the procedure. Ask your surgeon to view their gallery, so you can understand what the procedure involves as well as the recovery process. 

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