Gynaecomastia is a condition that affects boys and men. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘man boobs’. Although it’s not usually a serious medical condition, it can be tough to live with. Often, it causes embarrassment and really impacts self-esteem and confidence. 

What Exactly is Gynaecomastia?

The condition, pronounced guy-nee-co-mastia, is most common in boys and older men but can affect adult men too. It refers to an increase in the amount of tissue in the breast gland. Gynaecomastia can affect either one or both breasts and give an uneven appearance. You may notice extra tissue around the nipples and more prominent breasts. Sometimes, patients also experience pain in the breast. 

Gynaecomastia may go away on its own but as its breast gland tissue and not fat, it’s not something that tends to respond to exercise or diet in the same way as weight loss. In general, it’s not a serious medical problem, but it can lead to feelings of embarrassment, especially when shirtless or going swimming. 

Male Breast Reduction Surgery: Quick Overview

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Gynaecomastia correction (man boobs surgery)

What Causes Gynaecomastia?

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Its thought that changes in hormones are often at the root of the problem when there’s an imbalance between the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. Although the condition may come from a hormonal imbalance, it’s not always possible to find the cause of the imbalance in the first place. 

Gynaecomastia actually occurs naturally at different times throughout life because of normal hormonal changes, such as after birth, at puberty, and between the ages of 50 and 80. There are several health conditions and certain medications that may also cause gynaecomastia, including:

  • Obesity 
  • Health conditions such as liver or kidney disease
  • Anabolic steroids 
  • Extreme stress 
  • Hyperthyroidism 
  • Certain medications 

How Can You Treat Gynaecomastia?

Often, enlarged breasts are bothersome and can severely affect your confidence. If the condition doesn’t resolve on its own, you can treat it with a specialist surgery called male chest reduction surgery.  

Although it’s normal to experience changes in hormones as you get older, changes in these areas can make you feel self-conscious and impact other areas of your life. If you’re unhappy with your chest’s appearance and find that it affects your confidence, male breast reduction may be an excellent solution for you. 

What is Male Chest Reduction Surgery?

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Male chest reduction is a surgical procedure to treat gynaecomastia that uses liposuction and surgical incision to remove excess fatty tissue. Although gynaecomastia can go away on its own, it doesn’t respond to exercise and diet the same way fat does. 

During male breast reduction surgery, your surgeon will remove excess breast glandular and fatty tissue from the breasts. This will result in a more masculine and defined chest. Male chest reduction surgery can treat gynaecomastia and restore a more masculine and defined chest. In general, the procedure takes between 1-2 hours to complete. 

During the surgery, your plastic surgeon uses small incisions under the arms to remove the excess tissue. A cannula tube is then inserted to remove fatty deposits in the area. Your surgeon will leave a thin layer of fat under the skin to avoid rippling and surface irregularities. Next, an incision is made around the base of the areola. This is where excess glandular tissue will be removed. Your nipple may need to be repositioned if necessary. Usually, you don’t need to remove excess skin, so the scaring should be minimal. 

It’s common to experience some bruising and swelling after surgery. This is entirely normal. You can expect to see the final results in roughly six months. After treatment, the gynaecomastia won’t return as your surgeon will remove the gland during surgery. 

What Happens During Your Male Chest Reduction Consultation?

During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your body and discuss the optimum surgery for the best results. You will talk about the procedure and results. Your surgeon will take photos, go through your medical history and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. 

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How Long Does it Take to Recover From Male Chest Reduction Surgery?

It’s a good idea to take up to one week off work to recover. You will wake up with bandages after your surgery and feel some discomfort and mild pain in the first week. Mild pain killers can help ease any discomfort. Your doctor will discuss pain relief with you. 

If your job doesn’t involve heavy lifting, you can usually return to work in 2 weeks. It still might twinge a little. At 2 weeks, any non-dissolvable stitches will be removed. As you continue your recovery, any swelling and bruising will subside after a month, and you can return to most normal activities and work.  At 6 weeks, you can resume regular exercise and begin to see the results. 

What are the Benefits of Male Chest Reduction Surgery?

Male chest reduction surgery can help you achieve a flatter, firmer, and more masculine chest. One of the main benefits is that it can treat gynaecomastia. The procedure can help increase confidence and self-esteem, especially if you’re self-conscious about the way your chest looks. It means that you can fit in more clothes and take your top off without hesitating. The surgery creates a more balanced look that’s in proportion with your body. 

The goal of male chest reduction surgery is to restore a natural-looking and firm chest. A large percentage of men experience breast tissue enlargement, and the condition can have a big impact on your confidence and self-esteem. If you’re unhappy with your chest size, you may be just the right candidate for the procedure.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Male Chest Reduction Surgery?

A good candidate for the procedure is anyone who feels uncomfortable with enlarged breast tissue. They should be:

  • Physically healthy 
  • Have a healthy and stable weight 
  • Good skin quality 

What are the Scars Like Following Gynaecomastia Surgery?

The majority of scars are concealed within the natural creases of the body. There may be some visible scarring, depending on the amount of tissue removed and incisions made. All scars are permanent but will fade over time. 

Are the Results Permanent?

Male chest reduction surgery is a permanent solution to gynaecomastia. The breast tissue does not grow back after the procedure. Saying that there may be some re-growth in the future if your hormone levels change or you start taking certain medications. 

Before and After Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery at The Harley Clinic, London

Do You Need to Wear a Compression Garment After Surgery?

Yes, you will need to wear a compression garment for 3 weeks following your surgery. You will need to wear the garment day and night to reduce swelling and fluid build-up. 

Can You Perform Male Chest Reduction Surgery With Other Procedures?

Yes, the procedure is often performed with liposuction on other areas such as love handles and the abdomen. You can also combine the surgery with other procedures like:

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What are the Potential Risks and Side Effects of Male Chest Reduction Surgery?

Like all surgeries, there are risks that you will need to discuss with your plastic surgeon. Risks include:

  • Infection 
  • Bleeding 
  • Hematoma
  • Anaesthesia risks 
  • Skin and or fat/necrosis 
  • Fluid accumulation 
  • Pain 
  • Swelling 
  • Poor wound healing
  • Poor scarring 
  • Nerve injury 
  • Contour irregularity
  • Seroma
  • Over/under correction
  • Asymmetry
  • Damage to other structures
  • DVT
  • PE
  • Chest infection 
Some change in sensation on the chest can occur, but this usually clears up in 6-12 weeks. After your surgery, bruising may take a couple of weeks to ease up. It can take up to 6 months to see the full results.


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