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What Scarring is There After Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

With any type of surgery, it’s normal to worry about scarring and how it will look. Naturally, any surgery that involves an incision will leave a scar. While your plastic surgeon does everything in their power to conceal scarring, there will be some scarring from male breast reduction surgery

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Gynaecomastia can develop for several reasons including hormonal changes, weight gain, and steroid use. Male breast reduction surgery targets gynaecomatsia or “man boobs”. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will remove excess fat in the chest and breast tissue to create a more masculine and defined chest. 

Chest Fat vs Gynaecomastia 

It’s quite easy to confuse chest fat with gynaecomastia, but there are some distinct symptoms that can help you to identify them. 

Chest fat tends to feel like normal fat on the rest of your body. It’s usually soft to touch. Whereas gynaecomastia typically feels firmer and may even have a solid lump under the skin. 

Another difference is the shape. Chest fat usually drops and sags. Gynaecomastia tends to look more rounded and may even look similar to female breasts. Sometimes, the nipple may project further as well. 

One of the best ways to tell the difference is that chest fat should respond to diet and exercise. Everyone loses weight at different speeds, but there should be some reduction in chest fat. If you see absolutely no change, then it’s more likely to be gynaecomastia. 

Gynaecomastia Treatment

If you’re diagnosed with gynecomastia, the severity will play a role in the best treatment for you. Treatment can include: 

  • Adjusting certain medications based on your doctor’s advice to fix a hormonal imbalance 
  • Male breast reduction surgery 

Gynaecomastia Surgery Scars

Following male breast reduction surgery, the results are immediate. Although there will be some swelling and bruising, the difference is clear. It’s entirely natural to worry about scarring after any cosmetic procedure. Scars themselves can vary depending on different factors, including how extensive the surgery is. 

Gynaecomastia surgery can involve liposuction, excising tissue, and removing excess skin. Some patients need all these elements, while others may just need 1 or 2. So, the more you need to tackle, the larger the incisions and the bigger the scarring. 

There are also some factors that affect the outcome of a scar, such as:

  • How the wound is created and closed
  • Genetics
  • Post-surgery scar management 

After your procedure, the best-case scenario is that your scars are about 4mm long, and they heal well to the point that you barely notice them. In most cases, the scarring is minimal as it’s concealed within the body’s natural creases. But some scarring can be visible and necessary to perform the procedure. All scars, no matter how big or small, are permanent. Over time, scarring tends to go from red and raised to flatter and paler. 

Will There Be Visible Scarring After Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Any surgery that involves incisions will leave a scar; it’s impossible to avoid. But an expert plastic surgeon has the knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy to create naturally-concealed scars that should fade well over time. 

For this procedure, scarring should be hidden in the natural creases of the chest. Generally, incisions are made inside the areola and on the side of the chest. Remember that scars take time to heal. So, although the incisions will heal in about 2 weeks, the scars will continue to mature for up to 1 year. 

If you have severe gynaecomastia, you can expect to have a scar on the larger side. Whereas, a mild case may only need a small incision. The scar length will depend on the condition and your individual case. But no matter the severity, your surgeon will always look to conceal the scarring as much as possible. 

Before and After Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynaecomastia, Vaser liposuction and gland excision at the Harley Clinic
Male breast reduction surgery at The Harley Clinic, London

Male Breast Reduction Surgery UK at the Harley Clinic

How Can You Minimise the Appearance of Cosmetic Surgery Scars

Post-surgery scar management is a crucial part of creating a tidy scar. Your plastic surgeon will give you instructions for your recovery. This could include massaging your scar or using silicone tape. Silicone strips are a type of dressing that goes over a scar that contains silicone. The silicone helps to improve the appearance of scarring and is often an essential part of any cosmetic surgery recovery toolkit

Other ways to manage scarring after plastic surgery include: 

  • Good hygiene to keep your wounds clean and healing properly.  
  • Avoid direct sunlight as sun exposure can darken new scars. 
  • Your surgeon may prescribe medications or ointments to support scar healing. 
  • Not smoking 

It’s impossible to perform male breast reduction surgery without any scarring whatsoever. But a great plastic surgeon will have years of experience performing the surgery in a way that naturally conceals scarring. In some cases, you may need a large incision to remove breast tissue surgically and, naturally, that results in a larger scar. Many patients find that scarring is minimal and looks natural on the chest. 

Exercise After Male Breast Reduction Surgery 

Although it’s tempting to resume your exercise regime and hit the gym, you need to take it easy. Going too hard too early on in your recovery can hinder the healing process. Limiting physical activity means that your body can focus on healing and you avoid putting too much pressure on the incisions. 

In general, you can work out after male breast reduction surgery in about 1 month. But it’s important to remember that you’re not at full strength. So, ease into your exercise routine. Start with cardio and for a couple of weeks. At about 6 weeks, your chest should be healed and you can begin upper body workouts after the all-clear from your surgeon. 

Remember that it’s perfectly normal to worry about scarring with any type of surgery. If you’re considering male breast reduction surgery, make sure you speak to a qualified plastic surgeon with experience in producing great results. 

If you’re considering male breast reduction surgery, book a consultation today at the Harley Clinic. 

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