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Looking for the Right Bra Size After Breast Augmentation? Try These 4 Tips

Following breast surgery, your breast size will likely be different. One of the most common questions asked by patients is how do you find the right bra size after breast augmentation? It really is a tricky question to answer, to put an exact number on it. This is because results differ from one patient to another. But, one thing remains the same; it’s so important to wear a good-fitting bra no matter your size. Let’s look at how you can determine your bra size after breast surgery and get the best fit. 

What Size Bra Do I Need After Breast Augmentation? 

Whether it’s breast reduction, breast implants, or breast augmentation fat transfer surgery, your chest size will be different. For several weeks following your breast augmentation surgery, you will probably be wearing bandages. After this, you can wear a bra of your choice and start to enjoy your new breasts. Whether you always wanted them bigger, smaller, higher, or perkier, you start to love your results and get new clothes to fit your form. 

Overall, your original measurement will likely be wrong. It’s a good idea to start fresh. Breast surgery isn’t about achieving an exact cup size. Often, patients are looking for perkier, more youthful breasts or a more pronounced cleavage. This is why it isn’t easy to give a definitive answer on what bra size you will be following your breast surgery

When Can I Wear a Normal Bra After Breast Augmentation? 

Although it’s tempting to go out and buy some new bras almost immediately to enjoy your new assets, you need to give yourself time to heal. The first bra you will be wearing after your breast augmentation surgery is a compression bra. Your breasts will be swollen for about 4 to 6 weeks and you will be wearing your compression bra

Most patients wear their compression bra day and night for at least the first 2 weeks. Then, it’s advised that you wear the bra at night for about 6 weeks. Although this sounds like a long time, after your recovery, you will never have to look at another compression bra again. The post-surgical bra is crucial to your healing and does the following: 

  • Prevents excessive swelling 
  • Limits bruising after surgery 
  • Removes the strain on the stitches 
  • Keeps breasts in place while healing 
  • Provide an easier way to attach drainage tubes (if you have them) 
What does post-surgical compression bra look like? The Harley Clinic London

4 Tips for Buying the Right Bra Size After Breast Augmentation 

1. Give Yourself Enough Time to Heal 

Breast surgeries take time to heal. You need to give your body the time it needs to heal before you start buying new bras. Don’t rush the process, and only start buying new bras when you feel ready to enjoy your new assets. 

2. Book a Professional Bra Fitting 

As you shop for a new bra, the best thing you can do is get a professional bra fitting. While you can measure yourself at home, there are bra experts out there who can make the whole experience much easier. It’s helpful to have a little guidance. When looking for a new bra, don’t just focus on the cup; you have the band and straps to consider as well. 

Technically, your band size shouldn’t be affected by a standard or hybrid breast augmentation surgery. The band is your underbust measurement. So, if you were a 34 before your surgery, you should still be a 34 if you’re the same weight. But, still double-check your band size in a professional fitting as it’s key to getting an overall comfortable fit. 

3. Don’t Go Overboard 

When it comes to bras, there are several styles, colours and fits you can browse. Ideally, it’s useful to shop several months after your surgery as well as a year after surgery. This is when your breasts really settle into place. If you buy too many new bras early on, you run the risk of them not fitting correctly down the line. 

how to find the right bra size after breast augmentation, the Harley Clinic London

4. Try on Different Styles 

You may find that you can wear new styles that you previously would never wear or were unable to because of your size. Start by narrowing down your band size and cup size before trying on different styles. 

Often, the cup size is the tricky part of getting the right bra size after breast augmentation. While your Harley Street cosmetic surgeon can give you a good idea of your new size, you won’t know the precise measurements until several months down the line. Sometimes when you think you’re going from an A to a C cup, it can be frustrating when a C cup bra doesn’t fit. The reality is that various brands and styles can fit a little differently than expected. The best way to get a feel for your bra size is to go and try lots of brands and styles to find your new favourite bra.

The Importance of a Good-Fitting Bra After Breast Augmentation 

You really can’t underestimate the importance of a good-fitting bra. Surprisingly, the majority of women wear the wrong size bra. Benefits of a great-fitting bra include:

  • Feel more confident 
  • Reduce premature sagging 
  • Reduce back pain 
  • Improve posture 

As well as looking for new bras for your underwear collection, you will also need to find a good sports bra. When you’re active or running, breasts tend to bounce up and down. This continuous movement can be uncomfortable and even result in sagging and soreness. No matter your breast size, it’s important that you wear a comfortable and secure sports bra during exercise. You can also switch to a sports bra in certain stages of your breast augmentation recovery when cleared by your doctor. 

To begin with, finding the right bra size after breast augmentation can feel daunting. But, once you start to shop around and even seek out professional help, you can determine your size and find the most suitable option that makes you look and feel fantastic. 

If you’re considering breast augmentation, book a consultation today at our plastic surgery clinic with Dr Riaz Agha. The Harley Clinic has world-class facilities and puts patient care at the core of everything we do. 

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