How to Get Fix Face Sagging After Weight Loss With a Facelift

How to Fix Face Sagging After Weight Loss With a Facelift

Congratulations! You’ve shed the weight, a significant achievement. Only now comes the unpleasant consequence of your weight loss: face sagging. It can be particularly noticeable if you lost more three stone.

It’s perfectly normal to experience sagging skin and loss of facial volume after losing all that extra weight. It can feel extremely daunting but luckily, you don’t have to live with it.

Below we’ll explore how a facelift can help you look more youthful by removing all that unwanted saggy skin on face and neck after weight loss.

What Causes Face Sagging After Losing Weight?

Saggy skin post-weight loss is not a mystery. It occurs due to the loss of fat, collagen and skin elasticity, all vital the components of your dermis and epidermis that give it structure.

It’s the collagen, together with elastin, that keeps your skin firm and supple. Once stretching occurs followed by extreme weight loss, and your skin has a hard time bouncing back. Add ageing into the mix and things can get even worse.

Every time you look in the mirror, you see a reminder of your weight loss. Visible signs of ageing such as sagging skin around the cheeks and lower face, jowls and premature wrinkles can make you look older than you are or how you feel.

Will Saggy Skin Go Away on Its Own?

When we’re dealing with significant weight loss, facial sagging and loose skin on the face and body typically do not resolve on their own. In fact, facial skin can be extremely susceptible to permanent collagen and elastin depletion.

While some minor improvements may occur gradually and over time, more often than not, targeted intervention is required. Particularly if you have moderate sagging, a surgical approach may be best to achieve noticeable improvements in facial contour and skin tightness.

Why Choose a Facelift Vs. Other Treatments to Address Face Sagging?

If you search for “loose skin treatments” online you’ll undoubtedly be presented with countless non-surgical treatment options.

These can be range from topical treatments, daily skin care products, devices that claim to boost collagen production, soft thread lift, dermal filler and even anti-ageing skin supplements.

Although these may be somewhat effective for minor sagging, a non-surgical lift treatment is typically not effective for correcting significant sagging and skin laxity.

Most board certified plastic surgeons will tell you that if you want to reverse the process of skin aging due to weight loss, a surgical facelift is the best way to accomplish your goals.

That’s because a facelift works on the SMAS, the deepest layers of your face to lift and tighten sagging facial contours. Removing excess skin in this way creates a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Face sagging after weight loss fixed with a facelift at Harley Clinic in London, UK

3 Reasons Why Surgery is Your Best Option

Here’s why your surgeon can achieve much more dramatic saggy skin transformations with a facelift than with any non-surgical approach.

Removal of Excess Skin:

Non-surgical aesthetic medicine is not advanced enough at this time to remove large amounts of excess skin and reverse the face age process.

A facelift, on the other hand, allows your surgeon to precisely target redundant skin tissue to improve face sagging, particularly in the jowls and neck area.

Results Are Permanent:

Unlike the aesthetic treatments mentioned above, a facelift provides lasting improvements. If you’re just starting your saggy skin treatment journey, it may be worth your while exploring a surgical approach to improve your appearance and confidence in the long term.

See Results Quickly:

You may be tempted to try non-surgical treatment for jowls and face sagging. Especially when the skin treatment price for minimally-invasive procedures may appear more affordable. Don’t be fooled.

Even the most effective energy-based skin tightening treatments can take months to produce visible results, if they work at all. With a facelift, however, your results are noticeable very quickly. You will look like yourself only years younger.

Face sagging after weight loss fixed with a facelift at Harley Clinic in London, UK

In summary, if you’re considering addressing facial sagging after weight loss with facelift, a consultation is the first step. Your cosmetic surgeon can assess your unique concerns and recommend the most effective treatment plan. Take charge of your appearance and explore how cosmetic surgery can help you achieve the look you desire.

The Harley Clinic on Harley Street offers a highly personalised approach to facelift surgery. We invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Riaz, our facelift expert to learn more about this procedure at our private London cosmetic clinic in the UK.

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