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4 Things to Look For in Forehead Reduction Before and After Images

Some people feel their forehead is overly large, making their appearance less inviting. As a result, some individuals choose to undergo forehead reduction surgery to create a more balanced facial appearance. But because the brow is a prominent feature in someone’s looks, assessing your potential surgeon’s forehead reduction before and after image gallery is an essential step when choosing your surgeon. This enables you to make a more informed decision about your forehead reduction surgery. Read on to learn what features to look for when browsing forehead reduction before and after images.

What are Forehead Reduction Before and After Images?

Many people aren’t particularly satisfied with their foreheads, deeming them too long. In addition, this seemingly big size affects facial proportions, making people with large foreheads self-conscious about their appearance.

To combat this, many people undergo forehead reduction surgery to adjust their facial proportions for a more balanced appearance. Indeed, this operation is one of the two highest-rated aesthetic procedures.

But because this procedure affects a prominent part of your looks, you should select the best surgeon to work on your forehead. One of the best ways to determine the right surgeon for this procedure is by looking through their forehead reduction photo gallery.

This is a collection of photos depicting the surgeon’s work on other patients. These images show the patient before the operation and after the procedure. In addition, the doctor uses these shots to describe what to expect before and after the surgery.

These images also give you a glimpse of your surgeon’s expertise. Therefore, you should examine these photos closely when choosing the specialist to work on your forehead.

What to Look For in Forehead Reduction Before and After Images

This medical photo gallery depicts your potential surgeon’s previous work, allowing you to make an informed decision. Not only does it show the doctor’s effectiveness, but it also points out a few other things that help in the surgeon selection process.

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for when perusing forehead reduction before and after images:

1. Patients with Similar Forehead and Hairline

Depending on the patient’s forehead or hairline, doctors utilise their surgical skills differently. This is because different forehead structures require various approaches when lowering the hairline.

Therefore, you should browse the doctor’s photo gallery for previous patients with hairlines and foreheads similar to yours. 

Forehead reduction via hairline advancement by 2cm, The Harley Clinic, London
Forehead reduction via hairline advancement by 2cm – its equivalent to 6,000 grafts of hair. It day case, local anaesthesia, 60-90 mins.

2. Significant Forehead Reduction

Hairline-lowering surgery should show significant forehead reduction, improving facial proportions. As such, your potential surgeon’s photo collection should show a notable decrease in forehead size. This enables you to make an informed decision regarding the surgeon’s capabilities.

3. Forehead Reduction Scars

This kind of surgery leaves a scar on a significantly prominent feature of your face. However, skilful surgeons can conceal scars to prevent them from drawing attention.

In addition, a good surgeon ensures that the scars heal properly without further complications impacting your facial aesthetics. Checking forehead reduction before and after images allows you to evaluate the surgeon’s scar management abilities.

4. Photography Quality

The photos should be well-lit with clear backgrounds, highlighting features and scars. This provides potential patients with representative information about the clinic’s surgical services.If you’re looking to reduce your forehead or lower your hairline, book a consultation with a specialist at The Harley Clinic.

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