What Are The Different Types Of Tummy Tuck Scars? cover

What are the Different Types of Tummy Tuck Scars?

According to the latest plastic surgery statistics, 43% of UK adults increasingly consider non-surgical cosmetic procedures. However, surgical procedures like tummy tucks still account for a significant percentage of all cosmetic procedures in the UK. A tummy tuck helps smooth and trim the waistline. Naturally, scarring is a consideration. Here’s what you need to know about tummy tuck scars and the types of scars you can expect. 

What are Tummy Tuck Scars?

Almost all cosmetic surgeries involve incisions that eventually turn into scars. A tummy tuck is no different. Tummy tuck scars form in the areas where the skin heals after abdominoplasty. The procedure usually involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the abdominal regions resulting in a flatter, more contoured waistline and better muscle tone. 

The scar from tummy tuck surgery is usually thin. It may also be raised, recessed, or slightly lighter than the surrounding skin. Usually, your plastic surgeon will try to make the incision in an area where the scar always remains hidden underneath your clothes. There are different types of tummy tuck scars, though located in one or more areas. Proper tummy tuck scar aftercare is a crucial part of a tummy tuck procedure. 

What are the Different Tummy Tuck Scar Stages?

A tummy tuck scar forms in the abdominal region whenever the plastic surgeon makes an incision. While they might not be the most visually appealing, they play a vital role in wound healing. When the healing process begins, the incisions follow a typical cycle that involves the following stages:

Stage 1 – Closure 

This occurs when the skin is broken as the plastic surgeon makes the incision. The body releases collagen fibres trying to close the wound. This stage lasts three to four weeks and is the most vulnerable phase. That’s why your doctor will give you post-operative instructions like how to sleep and activities to avoid so you don’t strain the incision site. 

Stage 2 – Establishment

The collagen fibres the body produces strengthen over time. To protect the wound further, the blood supply around the scar increases; the stage takes about three to six months.  

Final stage – Maturity

The collagen fibres have formed at the final stage, and the blood supply around the scar will have decreased. Because of that, the scar will become lighter, thinner, and less noticeable. A tummy tuck scar typically takes about one to two years to reach maturity.  

What are the Different Types Of Tummy Tuck Scars?

The type of abdominoplasty scar you’ll have will depend on the kind of tummy tuck procedure you undergo. Generally, types of tummy tuck include: 

  • Mini tummy tucks
  • Full tummy tucks
  • Extended tummy tucks

Each procedure has a different scar pattern depending primarily on where the incision was made. The different types of tummy tuck scars include: 

Mini Tummy Tuck Scar 

mini tummy tuck is recommended for people with small amounts of excess tissue and fat, usually beneath the belly button. The scar is shorter (3 inches to 6 inches), about the length of a C-section scar. 

Full Tummy Tuck Scar

This scar spans the abdomen from hip bone to hip bone above your pubic mound. If you had a standard tummy tuck, you might also have a scar around your navel region if you had a lot of excess skin and fat.  

How tummy tuck scars fade and refine over - week 1, week 4, week 7 - the Harley Clinic London

Extended Tummy Tuck Scar 

In an extended tummy tuck procedure, the scar is much longer and higher that in a full or mini tummy tuck. The belly button, in most cases, isn’t repositioned like in most full tummy tucks. 

Tummy Tuck at The Harley Clinic 

Are you considering undergoing a tummy tuck but are worried about the resulting scars? At the Harley Clinic, we’ve conducted multiple tummy tuck procedures, and you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands. 

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