Pre-Surgery Checklist: 9 Ways to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery

When it comes to any type of cosmetic surgery, there is no rush. Take your time and find out as much information as possible. Deciding to have breast augmentation surgery is a massive decision. Follow these 9 tips to help you prepare for breast augmentation surgery so you can be in the best position possible, both mentally and physically, for a smooth recovery. 

How Long is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Every patient is different, so the recovery time after getting breast implants can differ. In general, breast augmentation recovery takes about 6 weeks. In the first few days, you will feel sore and tired after the surgery. After the first week, you will continue to feel discomfort, but the pain should be less. At this point, it’s normal to have some bruising. 

After 3-4 weeks following breast augmentation surgery, the biggest part of the recovery is behind you. Although you will still be wearing your compression garment, most of the pain and discomfort should be gone. You should refrain from strenuous activtiyes, but you will be returning to normal activities. After 6 weeks, most patients are recovered and back to normal. Your breast surgeon will evaluate your breast implants throughout your recovery to check on your healing. 

9 Tips to Help You Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery takes time because it involves a few different elements. Before your breast augmentation surgery, you will have a ton of questions going through your head; this is entirely normal. To help you feel ready for your surgery, here are 6 preparation tips to keep in mind. 

1. Good Physical and Emotional Health 

Before your surgery, you should be in both good physical and mental health. Good physical health sets you up for a healthy surgery and smooth recovery. Those in better physical shape have a better healing experience. Mental health is also an important part of preparing yourself for surgery. You should feel confident in the procedure and surround yourself with positive people who support you. 

Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery: Breast augmentation 400cc at The Harley Clinic - how to prepare for breast augmentation

2. Secure Help from a Friend or Family Member 

You will need someone to drive you after the procedure. It’s much nicer to see a friendly face after the surgery instead of a taxi. You will need some help during the recovery period as you get back to your normal self. Ideally, try to secure support from a friend for the first few days while you get back to your feet. 

3. Arrange Child and Pet Care

If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to help you look after them. After the procedure, you won’t be able to cook, drive, or pick your children up. You will find physical tasks hard in the first few days and just need to spend time relaxing. If you have very young children, you will need additional help. 

4. Stop Smoking 

Smoking can impact the healing process, reducing blood flow and affecting how your body fights infection. To promote healing and reduce the appearance of breast augmentation scars, it’s a good idea to stop smoking altogether before and after the surgery. Smoking significantly increases the chances of complications after surgery

5. Invest in Pillows and Comfy Clothes 

The more pillows, the better. If you don’t have enough pillows, invest in some comfy ones as well as loose-fitting clothing. You want to be comfortable during your recovery and won’t want to wear any constricting clothing. Pillows will help you to sit and sleep comfortably after plastic surgery.

6. Prepare a Recovery Box 

When you’re getting ready for your breast augmentation surgery, try to think ahead to your recovery and what you need. Your recovery kit is a box of items that you use on a regular basis. During your recovery, you want everything in reaching distance. So, your recovery box could include a phone charger, tablet for reading, magazines, remote control, healthy snacks, medication, lip balm, and water. Essentially, it should include anything you would need in easy reaching distance. 

7. Get Ready the Day Before the Operation 

The day before your surgery is the time to do your final checklist and get ready for the actual procedure. Here are some tips for getting ready the day before your breast augmentation:

  • Clean the house and set up your recovery area
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Follow a healthy diet 
  • Don’t eat or drink after midnight 
  • Pack your bag to take to the clinic 
  • Remove nail polish, piercings, and jewellery 
  • Get a good night’s sleep 

8. Meal Prep Before Breast Enlargement Surgery

Your nutrition is important both before and after your breast augmentation surgery. After your procedure, you will feel sore and tired. The last thing you will want to do is cook. In the first few days, you will mainly be resting with some light walking around the bedroom or to the bathroom. Consider healthy meal prepping ahead of your surgery. Focus on healthy meals that give you plenty of protein and nutrients to aid your healing. 

9. Make Final Payments 

Depending on your payment plan, you may need to make final payments ahead of your surgery. This is something you will agree with your breast surgeon before your procedure. At the Harley Clinic, we offer several finance options to fund your dream cosmetic treatment. With finance available, you can get an instant decision today and begin your breast augmentation journey. 

Breast Augmentation at Our Harley Street Breast Clinic 

If you’re considering breast augmentation, breast reduction, or even a breast lift, the best way to determine the most suitable procedure is to speak to an expert plastic surgeon. By understanding your options, you can make the best decision possible for you. 

Deciding to have plastic surgery is one thing, but preparing for it is another. As your operation date looms closer, it can feel exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. By understanding what to expect and how to prepare, you are in a strong position for a smooth recovery and great results. 

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