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Almond Eye Surgery: Here’s What You Need to Know

The eyes work to create balance on the face. If you’re struggling with signs of ageing like crow’s feet and deep wrinkles, you may already be researching eyelid surgery. To create a more youthful and smooth appearance, many people choose to have almond eye surgery. 

Almond Eye Lift: What is Almond Eye Surgery?

Almond eyes usually have a raised outer corner, and the lower eyelid sits at the lower part of the iris. Some people will even have this eye shape naturally, while other people will have totally different eye shapes. 

An almond eye lift or almond eye surgery combines a lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) with a canthopexy. The position of the lower eyelid is altered to create an almond eye shape.

Canthopexy is a procedure that aims to reposition and strengthen the outer part of the eye. Although you can perform canthopexy alone, it typically provides a better result when you combine it with lower eyelid surgery. 

If you’re considering lower eyelid surgery, then canthopexy is beneficial to add because it can tighten the eyelid at the same time. The best approach to eyelid surgery depends on the results you’re looking to achieve. But if you love the look of almond eyes and would like to reduce the signs of ageing in this area, it can create a great result.   

Canthopexy vs Canthoplasty

When researching eye surgery, you may come across these two procedures. While both treatments aim to tighten the outer area of the eyes, they approach it differently. Canthoplasty uses a technique where the muscles and tendons need to be cut, which is typically more invasive. Canthopexy is a little less invasive as it uses invisible stitches to alter the shape of the outer corner of the eye. 

Eyelid Surgery at The Harley Clinic

Prepare for eyelid surgery: Eyelid surgery reduction and lift, upper blepharoplasty before and after

How Long is Almond Eye Lift Recovery? 

You can expect to have some swelling and bruising for a few weeks; this is normal. Although the precise amount of time you experience swelling changes from one person to another, most patients are comfortable going out in public in a couple of weeks. 

Your recovery time will depend on the exact approach your plastic surgeon uses as well as your body’s healing. In general, full recovery takes between 4-6 weeks. 

Although an almond eye lift may only lift the corner of the eyes a few millimetres, it’s enough to make a real impact on the shape of the eyes. It might take a while before you can see the final result because of swelling after surgery. But after a few months, all the swelling should be gone, and you will be able to judge the final result. 

Almond Eye Surgery UK

An almond eye shape is a popular and desirable eye shape. If you’re unhappy with your eye shape or would love to have almond-shaped eyes, it’s important that you speak to a specialist plastic surgeon. They will be able to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure and talk you through your options. 

If you’re interested in almond eye surgery and would like to discuss your almond eye lift with an expert, book a consultation today at the Harley Clinic. 

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