Fox Eye Surgery: What is a Fox Eyebrow Lift? 

Thanks to social media, TikTok, and celebrities, a fox eyebrow lift is experiencing a huge uptick in interest. Fox eye or cat eye surgery aims to lift the appearance of the eyes, giving a more fox-like shape. Despite its popularity, fox eye surgery isn’t brand new. Here’s what you need to know about a fox eyebrow lift.

What is Fox Eye Surgery?

Sometimes patients are looking for an arched brow at the outer part of the eyebrow; this is also known as a fox eye eyebrow lift. The fox eyebrow lift changes the shape of the eyebrow so that the last section of the eyebrow goes upwards a little. It’s this change in shape that helps to create that fox eye look. Essentially, it involves lifting the outside part of the brow, also known as a lateral brow lift

What Happens During a Lateral Brow Lift Procedure? 

So, what is a lateral brow lift? 

Depending on the current shape of your eyebrows, a plastic surgeon may recommend lifting the outer or lateral parts of the brow to create a fox eye appearance. 

In comparison to a standard brow lift which focuses on the entire brow, a lateral approach focuses on the outer third or outer half of the eyebrows. Raising the outer brows can create a more youthful appearance, increase firmness, and smooth the skin. 

Typically, the procedure uses general anaesthetic and requires small incisions just above the hairline. After making the incision, your surgeon will pull the skin away from the fat and bone underneath. They will then slightly pull the skin to the desired location and remove any excess skin. The procedure will be repeated on the other side to create the same elevation on each outer section of the eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Lift Before and After 

Before and after eyebrow lift to improve symmetry at The Harley Clinic

Lateral Brow Lift Scars: What to Expect During Recovery and Beyond 

You will be able to see the outcome of a fox eyebrow lift immediately, despite there being some swelling. The recovery time is relatively short and manageable. In general, sutures will be removed after about 5 days. Roughly 7-10 days following your surgery, you should start to feel more like your normal self again. 

Any scarring should be hidden inside the hairline on each temple. As no hair is shaved for the procedure, you can usually hide scars immediately with your hair. Scars take a little while to fade, so be patient and follow your doctor’s instructions. 

Fox eyebrow lift surgery is permanent. Like any cosmetic surgery, it does come with potential risks and complications including, but not limited to: 

Fox Eyebrow Lift London 

Eye cosmetic surgery is a specialist procedure, so it’s important that you choose a plastic surgeon with experience in this area. During your consultation, ask to see fox eyebrow lift before and after photos, talk about lateral eyebrow lift cost and finance options, and ask plenty of questions, so you feel completely confident in your doctor. 

If you’re interested in a fox eyebrow lift, book a consultation today at the Harley Clinic to start your cosmetic surgery journey at our Harley Street cosmetic surgery clinic. 

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