6 Healthy Food Swaps to Keep Your Nutrition and Weight on Track During the Winter

Maintaining your weight and nutrition can feel especially tricky over winter. With Christmas, New Year and lots of opportunities to indulge, it’s difficult to stay on track. Instead of avoiding all food-related events altogether, you can use these healthy food swaps and still enjoy yourself over the winter. 

Why is it Hard to Stay Motivated During the Winter?

The days are shorter, and sometimes the thought of stepping out into the cold fills you with dread. All of this can make staying motivated to work out and eat well during the colder season a bit of a struggle. But you can find a way to stay motivated throughout winter and still hit your goals. 

6 Healthy Food Swaps to Stay Fit and Healthy in Winter 

Whether you’re on a weight loss journey or looking to maintain your cosmetic surgery results, maintaining a healthy weight is essential. If 2022 is the year that you’re finally getting that breast augmentation you’ve been dreaming of, then following a healthy lifestyle is crucial.

Remember not to be too harsh on yourself this cold season. With a few healthy food swaps, you can maintain your fitness and nutrition even in winter. 

1. Milk Chocolate for Dark 

If you have a sweet tooth, try switching out milk and white chocolate for dark chocolate. Often, dark chocolate tastes richer, so you tend to eat less. Also, dark chocolate contains more flavanols and much less sugar than milk chocolate. It’s still important to eat in moderation, whether you’re eating milk or dark chocolate. 

2. Ditch the Sugar-Ladened Alcoholic Beverages

Mulled wine, cocktails, wine, and beer all contain a ton of calories. Fruity cocktails can often feel like the healthier option but tend to be full of sugar. At this time of year, it’s easy to indulge a little more than usual. Try switching sugar-ladened alcoholic beverages to low calorie and diet mixers with spirits, like a low-calorie tonic and gin. 

3. Swap Sugary Drinks for Water

Swapping sugary drinks for water is a useful way to cut down on calories and stay hydrated throughout the winter. With the cold, dry air, it’s essential to stay hydrated throughout the winter season. Try taking a water bottle out wherever you go and set a water target for the day.  

Healthy food swap: switch sugary drinks for water

4. Raw Nuts Instead of Salty Nuts

Cut your salt intake by opting for raw nuts instead of salty nuts. Nuts are a great snack either at home or on the go. They are packed with protein, minerals, and vitamins. By having raw nuts instead of salty nuts, you can help to cut your salt intake easily. 

5. Plan a Home Workout 

If you love to run or usually go for a bike ride at the weekend, but the cold weather is stopping you, try planning a home workout instead. There are many classes you can stream and join live from your living room. 

Nutrition is a huge part of your overall well-being. By trying these simple healthy food swaps, you can continue to hit your goals this winter. If you need a little guidance with your nutrition, the Harley Clinic offers a complete health, diet, and lifestyle analysis to create a unique holistic plan to help you hit your goals.  

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