5 Easy Ways to Maintain Perky Breasts After a Breast Lift

So, you decided to get a breast lift. But how do you keep your breasts perky after your procedure? A great plastic surgeon will deliver optimal results, and you will love the new higher position of your breasts. Going forward, it’s your responsibility to build healthy habits that maintain long-lasting results after your breast lift surgery. 

Why Get a Breast Lift?

Patients often opt for a breast lift to feel better about their appearance. As you age, it’s normal to experience sagging, and your body shape can change, especially after pregnancy and childbirth. If your nipples begin to point downward, you might be considering a breast lift to restore your breasts to their original, perkier position.

There are several reasons why people get a breast lift like:

  • Firmer and higher breasts
  • Feel younger-looking 
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem 
  • Feel more feminine 

5 Ways to Keep Your Breasts Perfect After a Breast Lift 

Like most cosmetic procedures, your body can still change after your surgery. You still age as normal, with or without the surgery. So, it’s vital that you take steps to maintain your breast lift results and keep your breast perky long after your surgery. 

1. Wear the Right Bra

With most breast surgeries, one way to maintain long-lasting results is by wearing a properly fitted bra. Bras support the breasts and help to slow down the sagging of the skin. For most breast lift patients, a medium support bra is ideal. 

2. Watch Your Posture 

Good posture contributes to a healthy back and good form. Also, when you hunch your shoulders forward, it can cause your breasts to sag. Try to avoid hunching over at work and keep your back straight as you walk. A straight posture can also make you look taller and thinner. 

3. Sleep on Your Back 

The next tip is to sleep on your back as much as you can. If you sleep on your side or back, it can strain the ligaments in your breasts. This can result in your breasts pointing down. Sleeping on your back each night supports your breast in the long run. 

4. Look After Your Skin 

Skin plays a big role in how perky your breasts are, so it’s essential to look after your skin. Avoid sunbathing or tanning excessively, and remember to wear sunscreen. Invest in your skin health and protect your skin from the sun to avoid premature signs of ageing. 

5. Make Healthy Decisions 

Follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it helps to protect your overall health and well-being. Eat nutrients that fuel your body and maintain a healthy weight. 

Your body can continue to change, even after a breast lift. That’s why it’s important to adopt healthy habits to maintain long-lasting results. By implementing the above tips, you can keep your breasts perky after your breast lift. If you want to learn more about a breast lift, book a consultation today at The Harley Clinic, London. 

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