What Happens During Lip Lift Surgery? cover

What Happens During Lip Lift Surgery?

In case you would like to alter the appearance of your lips, there are different approaches that you can consider. These include lip lift surgery, lip fillers, and plumbing products. However, if you would like a permanent alteration of your lips, you might be considering a lip lift surgery, which is explained below.

A lip lift surgery is a permanent alternative to lip fillers, done in less than an hour. It involves a cosmetic surgical procedure whereby the distance between your nose and the upper lip is shortened. This is achieved by removing the skin between the nose and the border of the top lip.

Types of Lip Lifts Surgery 

Several types of lip lifts exist, and it is important to understand them. This is because it will aid in having an informed discussion with your surgeon before undergoing a lip lift surgery. The following are some of the lip lifts techniques to consider when undergoing a lip lift surgery:

Italian Lip Lift

The surgeon, in this type, makes two incisions below the nostrils, as opposed to one incision. After the incision, the surgeon pulls the skin upwards, anchoring it in place. This type of lip lift is subtle and leaves fewer visible scars.

Direct Lip Lift

In this type, the surgeon makes an incision on the upper lip, specifically on the edge. They then remove a section of the skin and pull the lip up. In this case, the scar on the incision location is visible, but you can hide it using cosmetics.

Corner Lip Lift

It is also known as a “grin lift” since it gives a smiley appearance. The surgeon, in this type, makes two small incisions at both corners of the mouth, removes portions of the skin, and lifts the lip upwards. This type is often preferred if you have downturned lips.

Subnasal Bullhorn

This is the most common lip lift surgery performed. In this case, the surgeon removes excess skin below the nostrils in the shape of bullhorns, which gives it the name “bullhorn lip lift.” The surgeon then pulls the lip’s centre, right, and left parts toward the nose.

What Happens During Lip Lift Surgery?

Although there are different lip lift techniques when it comes to lip lift surgery, a series of steps are involved in the surgical procedure, as discussed below. Typically, the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and lasts 40 to 60 minutes.

  1. Your surgeon will administer local anaesthesia, first, to the tissue inside your mouth to block the nerves.
  2. Your surgeon will remove a section of the skin under the nose depending on the chosen lip lift procedure.
  3.  A specific amount of soft tissue is also removed from the upper lip.
  4. Lastly, an incision is made just below your nose to hide the scar.

Lip Lift Surgery at The Harley Clinic

If you are considering undergoing the procedure, contact The Harley Clinic team and book a consultation today.

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