What Happens During Dimpleplasty Recovery? cover

What Happens During Dimpleplasty Recovery?

Dimples occur when someone smiles and are located on the bottoms of the cheeks. Some individuals also have chin dimples. If you’ve been thinking about undergoing dimpleplasty, it’s important to understand what to expect during recovery. Here is what you need to know about dimpleplasty recovery. 

According to a plastic surgery statistics report by BAAPS, 15 thousand cosmetic procedures were performed in the UK in 2021. Dimpleplasty involves creating dimples on the cheeks to enhance the facial appearance. 

What to Expect After Dimpleplasty?

Like any other surgical procedure, you must be well informed of the risks and side effects before proceeding. During your initial consultation, you will discuss with your doctor where you need the dimples placed. With the guidance of your physician, you will settle on the final positioning of the dimples. 

A plastic surgeon can do the surgery under local or general anaesthesia. The doctor first makes the incision inside your cheeks, which will then be closed with dissolvable sutures. Since the incision is made inside the cheeks, you won’t have a visible scar on your face. After the procedure, expect some mild discomfort, minor bruising and swelling. 

Your doctor will probably send you home with some mild pain medication, although most people don’t require any medication. Over time, the swelling and pain will dissipate. As your cheeks heal, the cheek muscle will connect with the skin, forming naturally looking dimples. 

What Happens During Dimpleplasty Recovery?

Your dimples should be visible immediately following the procedure. However, the final results will take a little while to show, as full recovery takes about 2-3 weeks. The sutures used in the procedure don’t need removing as they will dissolve on their own. So, what can you expect during dimpleplasty recovery?

  • Follow-up appointment – After one to two weeks, you will have to go back for a follow-up appointment so your plastic surgeon can ensure that you’re recovering well.  
  • Diet – Dimpleplasty involves mostly making the incision inside the mouth. Your doctor will likely advise you to adjust your diet to avoid hard foods for the initial recovery. 
  • Returning to work – Most people feel well to return to work between 1-5 days following a dimple creation surgery. If you don’t have to, you can take extra days off work since you may experience swelling and discomfort at the surgical site. 
  • Physical activity – While you shouldn’t have limitations regarding light daily tasks, your doctor will ask you to hold off on strenuous activities for one to two weeks following your surgery. 

What is the Ideal Dimpleplasty Recovery Timeline?

Recovering from dimpleplasty is relatively easy. You won’t need an overnight stay at the hospital. Following the procedure, you will experience mild swelling and discomfort. Applying cold packs can help reduce the swelling, although it will likely go away in a few days. Most people feel okay returning to work, school and other activities in 1-5 days. Your surgeon will want to see you a few weeks later to assess the results. 

When Will I See the Final Results of The Procedure?

The result of dimple creation surgery will finalise within 2-3 months as the body heals and the swelling goes down. You will, however, notice a change immediately following the procedure. The dimples created with dimpleplasty are permanent.  

Are there Complications Following Dimpleplasty?

All cosmetic procedures come with a degree of complications and risks. Dimple creation surgery complications are rare, but they can be serious if they occur. They include:

  • Infection at the surgical site
  • Bleeding at the incision 
  • Facial nerve damage 
  • Swelling and redness 
  • Permanent scarring 

Dimpleplasty is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require any hospital stays. 

If you are considering dimpleplasty, book an appointment today at the Harley Clinic and discuss your options with an expert plastic surgeon. 

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