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How the Coronavirus Crisis Has Changed Plastic Surgery

With more than a million cases of COVID-19 around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has changed every part of our lives. Whether you have had direct contact with the disease or not, it’s had an impact on so many. 

We’ve all adjusted our working and home life to the pandemic. That applies to every area, including the world of cosmetic treatments. How beauty is perceived is also adjusting to the new reality we now live in. Let’s take a look at how the coronavirus has changed plastic surgery and what your next appointment may look like. 

The Visit to Your Plastic Surgeon’s Office Will Look Different 

Harley Clinic

Harley Clinic

One thing that will look massively different is the next visit to your plastic surgeon’s office. Like doctor surgeries, supermarkets, and pharmacists, new policies and safety measures are now in place. Although it may feel a little strange, to begin with, the procedures in place are to protect patients and make sure we’re operating in a COVID-secure way.  

On your next visit to Harley Clinic, you can expect temperature checks on arrival and the highest safety standards as always. To ensure patients feel safe, we offer phone appointments to conduct your initial consultation. Of course, a visit to the clinic is needed to carry out your treatment, but this will follow all the necessary protocols to keep everyone safe. As the coronavirus situation changes in the UK, we offer regular office updates just as you would expect from any world-class facility.  

A More Natural Look 

Another noticeable change in plastic surgery trends is the shift to more natural-looking effects. Many people are looking at themselves much more. Whether it’s video calling loved ones or talking to your colleagues on Zoom, your face is very much on display. As the greys are coming through, patients are getting used to a more natural look. 

While more unnatural proportions used to be popular five years ago, there’s a significant move away from this. Patients are looking to touch up and create a plumper more natural-looking beauty. They want to apply the perfect filter to smudge out any frown and wrinkle lines and combat the signs of ageing. This will undoubtedly increase the demand for treatments such as fillers, breast augmentation fat transfer, and non-surgical rhinoplasty

Coronavirus: Adapting to the ‘New Normal’

The phrase the ‘new normal’ has been popping up in many aspects of our lives. A new way of working, a new way of communication, and a new way of living. To progress through this situation, plastics surgeons will adapt to the ‘new normal’. Although the number of procedures taking place remains steady and patient confidence is strong, we need to support our patients through this unprecedented time. 

Many patients can opt for virtual or over the phone appointments to minimise contact and mitigate risk. By following all guidelines and creating a COVID-secure space, we can do everything we can to ensure a safe environment. While the world is still changing to the pandemic, plastic surgeons can continue to adapt and overcome.  

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