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Cosmetic Treatment Procedures to Expect in 2021

As the end of 2020 looms, it’s time to look forward to next year. Plastic surgery is an ever-evolving industry. With technological advancements and new methods, the realm of cosmetic treatments continues to expand. From non-surgical procedures to injectables and lip fillers, let’s take a look at some of the top treatments you can expect in 2021. 

Preventative Injectables 

Preventative ageing procedures involve using injectables to delay wrinkles and lines from forming. Patients without those pesky wrinkles are taking more active steps to slow the ageing process. More people are looking to find a more natural non-invasive way to defy ageing. 

Microneedling for Younger, Tighter Skin 

Microneedling involves piercing the skin with very fine needles using a handheld device. This process helps to stimulate collagen production. It’s often used improving skin quality and reducing scars and acne scarring. Skin ageing are scarring are some of the most common complaints among many people. As face treatments continue to take centre stage in the world of aesthetics, procedures that help to create younger and tighter skin look to be big in 2021. 

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures 

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are generally quicker with a speedier recovery than a surgical procedure. Because of this, patients usually don’t have to take as much time off work, and it tends to cost less. Treatments like anti-wrinkle injections and fillers will continue to be as popular as ever.   

Face Fat Transfer Surgery 

Fat transfer procedures are changing the face of cosmetic surgery. As less invasive technology advances, face fat transfer is the new facelift. By taking fat from one part of the body to the face, you can tighten up the jawline while balancing out the face. The best treatments for the face really depend on the results you’re looking to achieve. 

Liposuction and Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation is one of the leading cosmetic procedures for women. Treatments such as liposuction and breast augmentation are hugely popular. Despite being around for years, these types of treatments have proven time and time again that they can deliver effective results. Some trends come and go while other treatments will simply evolve using the latest technology and advances in methodology.  


With treatments involving the face taking the limelight, it’s no surprise that the nose has made an appearance. Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a popular way to change the face and continues to gain a lot of popularity. When it comes to the nose, you also have the option to go down the route of non-surgical rhinoplasty. This involves using dermal fillers to reshape the nose. It looks like procedures which offer fast results in a relatively short time frame will grow in the years to come. 

While some cosmetic treatment trends come and go, others stand the test of time. 2020 has changed the world and forced many of us to adopt new habits and ways of working. Despite all these changes, cosmetic surgery looks set to grow. Although we can’t predict the future, our patients are looking for longer-lasting, low maintenance, and elegant ways to stay looking their best. 

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