Here's What To Look For In Fat Transfer Breast Before And After Photos cover

Here’s What To Look For In Fat Transfer Breast Before And After Photos

Deciding to get breast augmentation is a personal choice. Usually, there are two different procedures – breast enlargement using implants or one that uses your own fat from another area of the body. A fat transfer breast argumentation is a unique cosmetic procedure that uses fat cells from other areas of your body. Here is all you need to know about fat transfer breast augmentation before and after photos. 

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will explain the procedure, what outcome you can expect, and possible complications. The surgeon will usually share their fat transfer breast before and after photos from previous patients. 

What are Fat Transfer Breast Before and After Photos?

Fat transfer breast before and after photos are pictures of previous patients who’ve undergone the same procedure. The pictures include photos taken before and after the procedure at a time when the full effects of the breast transfer procedure are showing. 

Plastic surgeons solely use these photographs as visual tools to explain the expected results of the procedure to new patients so they can make informed decisions.  

What are The Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Before and After Photos

Fat transfer breast argumentation is a unique procedure that differs from when a surgeon uses breast implants. Therefore, it’s natural for patients to want to know whether the procedure can produce the same results as breast implants. 

Looking through before and after images is an important step in any cosmetic procedure decision. They will give you an idea of the type of results your surgeon has already achieved and can give you confidence that your doctor has a wealth of experience in the procedure. 

What Do You Need to Look for in Fat Transfer Breast Before and After Photos? 

If you’re considering breast augmentation through fat transfer, chances are you’ve spent some time perusing through countless before and after photos. So, what do you have to look for in these photos to make the best decision?

People Who Look Like You 

Anytime you review plastic surgery before and after photos, look through those that feature patients who look like you. When the patients in the picture look like you, you will have a better idea of what the results could look like on you. 

before and after breast fat transfer at The Harley Clinic London

Artistic Abilities of the Plastic Surgeon 

Cosmetic surgery is an art; a surgeon’s before and after photos should clearly show their artistic abilities. Every surgeon has their own surgical style. So, look for images that align with your vision and goals. If the surgeon’s artistic skills don’t align with those goals, it is highly possible that they aren’t the perfect fit for you. 

Visible Redness and Scarring 

Scarring and redness are normal in cosmetic surgery. However, experienced surgeons know how to conceal scarring naturally as much as possible, reducing any visible scarring or redness after surgery. If you notice unsightly redness or scarring after the healing period, you may need to seek another surgeon. 

Unnatural Look or Asymmetry 

Most patients choose fat transfer breast augmentation because it is a less invasive procedure that produces natural results. So, when going through before and after pictures, look for unnatural and asymmetrical results. The best results should appear as natural as possible and not be very obvious to the eye. 

Lighting and Background

Just like with other types of photography, lighting and background play a crucial role in how the photos look. Dim or poorly lit photos don’t accurately depict the results and could be a red flag. The best before and after photos should be well-lit without dark shadows that distract from the end result. As for the background, it should be unobstructed without any extra objects. 

Breast augmentation via fat transfer at The Harley Clinic, London

Patient Poses 

The before and after photos should have patients photographed in various poses but with consistency. You want to see different angles before and after the surgery shot in the same way. 

Fat Transfer Breast Before and After Photos at the Harley Clinic

After evaluating before and after images, set up a consultation with your chosen plastic surgeon to discuss the next steps and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure. 

If you‘re considering fat transfer breast augmentation, schedule your consultation to learn more about the procedure and ask plenty of questions so that you feel completely confident in your plastic surgeon. 

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