Dr. Riaz Agha, Harley Clinic Awarded iWantGreatCare Certificate of Excellence

Starting 2021 in the best way possible, we’re thrilled to announce that Dr. Riaz Agha at the Harley Clinic has recently been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by iWantGreatCare for delivering outstanding care. We’re dedicated to our wonderful patients and pride ourselves on offering excellent service and care. 

iWantGreatCare: Delivering Oustanding Care in 2021 

Care really is at the core of the Harley Clinic; it’s behind every decision. The Harley Clinic provides safe, effective and high-quality treatment. By using only the best techniques and technology, we deliver fantastic care round the clock. 

Dr. Riaz Agha combines years of experience with the most up-to-date knowledge and research to deliver outstanding results. What’s behind the success of Harley Clinic is compassion and understanding. Your surgeon will guide you throughout the entire treatment process. It’s never too late or too early to message or call. If you have any issues, you will find that you will get a quick response and feel complete trust in your surgeon. 

Trusted and Independent Platform for Patients

So, why is this award so important to the Harley Clinic?

iWantGreatCare is a trusted and independent platform. Its aim is to make it super easy for patients to provide feedback across the NHS and private healthcare, including doctors, dentists, hospitals, GP practices, nursing homes, pharmacies, and medicines. They want to empower patients and be transparent so that you can trust what you’re reading. 

The platform is secure and trusted across the healthcare world by doctors, hospitals, and patients. It encourages honest and direct feedback. You will find completely real opinions with no editing. The system is robust so that you trust what you read. There are far too many websites where it’s difficult to figure out if a review is real. iWantGreatCare cuts through the noise to make it as simple as possible to find the right doctor. 

What Do Dr. Riaz’s Patients Say? 

Riaz Agha
Dr. Riaz Agha at the Harley Clinic, London, Harley Street

There are several reasons why you would choose the Harley Clinic for your cosmetic surgery. On top of its central London location, the great thing about it is that your surgeon leads all aspect of your care. From your consultation to your treatment to your recovery process, you don’t deal with a patient coordinator or non-medical staff. You can trust that your surgeon is honest, personal, and caring throughout your entire journey. 

“Thankfully I was in the hands of Doctor Agha, and the amazing nurses and the support team. Made me feel at ease and ensured I was as comfortable as could be during the procedure.” 

Dr. Riaz has a long list of awards and accomplishments and is also a council member for the Section of Plastic Surgery at the Royal Society of Medicine. Having published over 200 scientific papers, he works to the highest of standards and professionalism. 

“Honestly Dr Riaz I had an amazing experience with him. I Have struggled for years with body insecurity after having a child and finding the right surgeon I can trust and feel like I’m in safe hands. He gave that to me!”

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