Why Wear a Post Surgery Bra After Breast Augmentation?

Whether you’re having a breast reduction, breast enlargement, breast lift, or any other type of breast surgery, your surgeon will talk to you about wearing a surgical bra. Like any surgery, recovery is key to optimal outcomes. That’s where a post surgery bra comes in. It’s important to follow your plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions, including wearing your post surgical bra. 

What is a Post Surgical Bra?

A post surgery bra or compression bra is designed specifically to use straight after breast surgery and throughout your recovery. You will need to wear a post surgical bra for the following procedures: 

These support bras have wide straps for comfort and use a high-quality and stretch material, so you can adjust it as you need. Compression and support bras come in slightly different styles depending on where you are in your recovery. It’s normal to start your recovery with a front fastening post surgical bra and then transition into a sports bra. The most important thing is that it’s not an underwired bra. 

While every Harley Street breast clinic has its favourite bra brand or type, these are the basic features to expect: 

  • No padding
  • No underwires
  • Zips at the front for easy dressing 
What does a post surgery bra look like? The Harley Clinic London

Don’t underestimate the importance and power of a post-surgical bra. There’s no denying that post-op surgical bras aren’t the most attractive things, but they are an essential part of the recovery process. After your surgery, you should avoid wearing regular bras. This is because they don’t have the type of support your breasts need to stay in position. It’s tempting to go braless so you can fully appreciate your new look, but try to avoid taking your bra off except for showering initially. Your breasts should be completely supported for at least 6 weeks. 

Why Do You Need to Wear a Post Surgery Bra After Breast Augmentation?

With a lot of cosmetic procedures, you will need to wear a compression garment. These garments come in all shapes and sizes for different body parts and treatments. Without compression, blood and other fluids can pool around the incision site. While all this fluid in your body is normal and part of your healing process, excessive swelling can be an issue. 

Whether you’re considering liposuction or breast augmentation, compression garments are a key part of your recovery. The compression works to reduce post-op swelling as much as possible. The constant pressure on the surgical site encourages your body to reabsorb the fluid instead of building up in the body. It’s this process that helps to speed up the healing process and create a great result. 

If you experience excess swelling, it can slow down your healing process. With implants, a post-op bra helps to keep your new assets in place while you’re recovering. Sometimes, implants tend to drop, so the bra helps with this. 

The compression bra also helps to reduce swelling, which minimises bruising and supports the overall recovery process. The goal of the bra is to get your implants into a good position early on, reduce swelling, and remove the strain on any stitches. 

How Long Do You Wear a Post Surgery Bra After Breast Augmentation?

In general, your surgeon will recommend that you wear a surgical bra for 6-8 weeks after your breast surgery. The basic idea is that the longer you wear it, the better. Avoid wearing underwired or lace bras until you get the sign-off from your surgeon. It’s important that you wear your surgical bra in the first few weeks to achieve the best outcome possible. 

Your surgeon will recommend that you wear your bra for as much time as possible except when you shower. You will need to wait until your surgeon has checked your healing and breasts before wearing normal bras. Going forward, to maintain optimal results, you should wear a properly fitted bra. Even if a post-op bra is provided to you by your cosmetic surgery clinic, it can be a good idea to buy a spare. That way, you have another compression bra to wear when one is in the wash. 

When Can You Wear a New Bra After Breast Surgery?

Typically, breast surgery recovery is about 6-8 weeks depending on the type of surgery and your body’s natural healing process. Although you can usually start wearing normal bras after the 6-week recovery mark, you should still avoid wearing underwired bras. In general, it takes longer before you can start wearing these types of bras, but it depends on how your scars are healing. 

Silicone Strips for Scars - What Do Breast Augmentation Scars Look Like? Neat breast augmentation scars, The Harley Clinic, London

How to Sleep After Breast Surgery 

After your breast surgery, you will need to sleep wearing your post-surgical bra. You really should only take the bra off for short spouts of time like having a quick shower. Keeping the bra on for extended periods of time will help to keep your breasts in the right position, support a good shape, and help you to sleep more comfortably. 

In the first few days of your recovery, it’s normal to feel some discomfort. Your breast surgeon will explain how to manage your pain. To help you sleep after your breast surgery, here are some tips to follow: 

  • Practice sleeping on your back weeks before your surgery 
  • Sleep with a post surgery bra for at least a few weeks
  • Have plenty of pillows on hand to support your sleeping position 
  • Sleep on your back in a slightly elevated position 

You can’t emphasise the importance of wearing a post-surgical bra enough in breast surgery recovery. Following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions is key to the best results and feeling like your normal self again. 

The aim of a post surgical bra is to minimise swelling and produce the best breast augmentation results. Your recovery time is key to your overall look and it’s important that you wear your compression bra, especially in the first few weeks. If you have any more questions or are considering breast surgery, please contact one of the team at the Harley Clinic today. 

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