5 Steps For Exercise After Tummy Tuck cover

5 Steps For Exercise After Tummy Tuck

Undergoing a tummy tuck procedure involves invasive surgery where excess fat and skin are removed from your abdomen. To maintain your desired results, regular exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise should be introduced gradually into your recovery program. This guide shows steps you should follow to exercise after tummy tuck.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck – also known as abdominoplasty – is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess fat and skin from the stomach area. As a result, you get a flatter, firmer and more aesthetically pleasing form.

Various factors, including age, childbirth and weight changes, significantly alter your body appearance, impacting your confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, removing extra fat and skin through tummy tuck surgery is ideal for achieving a more appealing body.

In fact, abdominoplasty is in the top five plastic surgery procedures requested by men and women in the U.K.

A surgeon performs the procedure under general anaesthesia, allowing them to access extra fat and underskin fat from your midsection. After, your surgeon stitches the skin in place, making it a flatter and more appealing abdomen.

After the procedure, you might be tempted to return to your activities immediately. However, you should wait for the scars to heal properly. Therefore, gradually introduce exercise into your routine over the six to eight months it takes to recover from the procedure thoroughly.

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How to Exercise After Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck procedure gives you a flatter and firmer midsection, giving you your desired aesthetic. And to maintain your results, regular exercising is important for maintaining a healthy weight. 

However, your exercise regimen shouldn’t interfere with the healing process. Otherwise, failure to heal correctly leaves ghastly scars and causes other complications. Therefore, you should take it slow, allowing your scars to heal properly.

After the surgery, your doctor explains what you should expect during recovery. During this session, your doctor also provides pointers regarding exercise to improve the healing process.

Here’s how to exercise after tummy tuck:

1. Sit Up

It’s more challenging to sit up and get up in the days after surgery. However, sitting and getting up frequently after the procedure is essential. It strengthens abdominal muscles that have become weaker due to the surgery.

Get a willing friend or family member to help you get up and around since it might be challenging to sit up unassisted.

2. Walk Around

Walking around improves recovery by promoting blood flow around the surgical scars. However, you should start slow, taking short walks around the house starting the day after the operation. Then, gradually lengthen the distance walked each day to improve results as you heal.

3. Do Light Cardio

After around 3-4 weeks, you can engage in light cardio workouts. These low-impact exercises should avoid working your core because your abdominal muscles haven’t fully healed.

Such exercises include brisk walks and steady, stationary cycling. It’s not advisable to get into running yet.

4. Work the Upper Body and Legs

You can start exercising your upper body and legs after 6 weeks. This means you can do light weightlifting exercises that don’t engage your core. For example, using light free weights for arm and leg exercises spares your abdominal muscles.

5. Core Workouts

After 4-8 weeks, you can do more demanding exercise after tummy tuck involving your core. Your abdominal muscles are close to fully healed and can handle more intense workouts. Start slow with lighter activities like hip thrusts before advancing to planks and other ab-centric exercises.

Ultimately, your surgeon will let you know when you can do certain exercises after tummy tuck surgery throughout your recovery. If you take a little longer to heal, they may recommend you holding off on any core workouts for longer. It’s important to listen to your plastic surgeon as the recommendations are in place to produce the best results in the safest way possible. 

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