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How to Lift Lower Face and Neck Sagging with a Mini Facelift and Neck Lift Combo

Are you tired of seeing jowls, sagging neck skin, and wrinkles every time you see your reflection in the mirror? Do you wish there was a surgical procedure to restore a more sculpted neck, jawline and overall youthful appearance?

The good news is you can lift lower face and neck sagging with cosmetic surgery, helping to improve jowls, skin laxity and the dreaded turkey neck.

This article will explore how you can regain your confidence and achieve more contoured facial features with a mini face and neck lift surgery.

Understanding the Neck Lift and Mini Facelift Surgery Combo

There are different types of facelift surgery: The mini, deep plane, and SMAS facelift. The deep plane facelift is the most invasive, requiring the longest recovery and downtime. Facelift surgeons generally recommend deep plane facial plastic surgery if you have a considerable amount of excess skin, sagging and loss of facial volume.

Lift Lower Face

The mini facelift on the other hand is much less invasive but still offers a very effective jowl lift effect. That’s because the mini face lift surgery focuses on removing excess skin for patients without extensive sagging.

The biggest advantages of combining facelifts and necklifts is the comprehensive rejuvenation they provide. In fact, the neck lift and mini facelift make the perfect pair. The former targets excess, sagging skin and wrinkles of the lower face while the latter focuses on tightening the skin and muscles in the neck area.

Long Lasting Solution to Lift Lower Face and Neck Sagging

Not only does the mini face lift and neck lift combo offer short-term improvements in the appearance of jowls, but they also provide long-lasting results. Unlike non-surgical treatments that require regular maintenance, a neck lift and mini facelift duo can turn back the clock and give you lasting rejuvenation.

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It’s important to note that the mini facelift doesn’t involve upper face or eyelid surgery, treatment for eye bags or brow lift. These procedures can be added on separately if necessary or as part of a full facelift procedure.

How to Maintain Your Mini Facelift and Neck Lift Results

Once you have achieved the benefits of rejuvenation and desired facial appearance, you will want to maintain the results through regular non surgical treatments and skincare products.

While the surgery itself can turn back the clock and address sagging skin, and wrinkles, taking care of your skin and overall health is essential for preserving your youthful new look. Here’s what we recommend:

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

This includes following a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. By taking care of your body from within, you can support the healing process and enhance your overall appearance.

Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Make sure to wear sunscreen with a high SPF on a daily basis, as well as a hat to shield your face from harmful UV rays. This will not only help preserve your results but also prevent further damage to your skin.

Maintain Skin with Non-Surgical Treatments

While it’s not necessary, consider getting anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers to prolong the results of our surgical facelift. These treatments can address fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss, complementing the effects of your neck lift and mini facelift results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a mini facelift and neck lift cost in the UK?

The mini facelift and neck lift combo cost in the UK can vary depending on the clinic, surgeon’s expertise, and the extent of the procedure. For the exact cost it is recommended to consult with a qualified specialist plastic surgeon for an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

What are the possible complications?

Although the mini carries less risk of complications than a full facelift, the treatment recovery process is similar to any type of surgery. You can expect swelling, bruising and discomfort during the first few weeks after surgery. As your facial rejuvenation journey continues, the risk of side effects (scars, infections etc…) drops considerably.

What is the best age for a mini facelift and neck lift?

Many patients between the ages of 40 and 60 are ideal candidates. This is typically when signs of ageing, such as sagging skin around the cheeks, nasolabial folds and jowls is not yet severe. It is important to consult with a qualified surgeon to determine the best timing for your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Dr. Riaz at the Harley Clinic is a full face and mini facelift expert. We invite you to book a consultation today to learn more about facelift surgery and our other treatments at our private clinic in London UK.

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