Hand Therapy: How to Find a Hand Therapist cover

Hand Therapy: How to Find a Hand Therapist

The aim of hand therapy is to help you get your hand or hands back to normal as possible following an injury, operation, or condition. Hand therapists can help with prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation for a range of hand-related issues. Here’s how to find a hand therapist to suit your needs. 

What is Hand Therapy?

A hand therapist is a registered physiotherapist or occupational therapist who specialises in helping patients with conditions that affect the hands. Hand therapy involves non-surgical management, rehabilitation, and recovery of hand disorders and injuries. Typically, hand therapists use physical methods like exercises, splinting, and activity management to recover, rehabilitate, and strengthen the hand or hands. A hand therapist can help with several hand disorders, such as:

What Will a Hand Therapist Do? 

Hand therapy involves a range of techniques. The precise technique will depend on your reason for visiting a hand therapist. Here are some of the techniques a hand therapist will use: 

  • Splinting 
  • Scar management 
  • Joint mobilisations 
  • Stretching 
  • Active and resisted exercises
  • Advice on daily activities 
  • Retraining 

A hand therapist will often use tools like hand therapy balls to help improve certain movements in the hand, like grip strength, pinch, and finger flexion and extension. 

Hand therapy ball, The Harley Clinic

When Should You See a Hand Therapist? 

A crucial part of recovery from an injury or condition of the hand and wrist is hand therapy. So, if you are undergoing an operation on the hand, then your doctor will likely refer you to a hand therapist who will guide you through rehabilitation. If you have an injury in the hand or wrist or a condition that needs ongoing management, then you will again likely be referred to a hand therapist. 

For example, after carpal tunnel surgery, you will need to exercise and strengthen the injured hand. You will have to use the injured hand to encourage optimal healing. During post-surgery hand therapy, your hand therapist will should you how to perform certain exercises and give you a recovery plan to follow. 

Hand therapy at The Harley Clinic

How to Find a Hand Therapist 

One way to find a hand therapist is to speak with your GP about a referral. Your GP is often the first point of contact when seeking a referral for occupational or physiotherapy. 

At the Harley Clinic, our hand therapist will give you the tools and advice you need to recover, rehabilitate, and strengthen your hands, fingers, or wrists after hand surgery. A hand therapist is a crucial element of any hand surgery. The hands are incredibly important to perform daily activities, so getting back to full strength is vital. 

Hand Therapy at The Harley Clinic 

If you’re concerned about a hand condition or would like to find out more about hand therapy after surgery, contact the team at The Harley Clinic. We can discuss your treatment options and recovery plan. 

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