Everything You Need to Know About a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re looking for a more shapely, larger, and rounder bum you have probably already started researching the Brazilian butt lift. Many people are self-conscious about their bum. With a massive focus on bums in mainstream media and celebrities, it’s tough not to feel self-conscious. The Brazilian butt lift is designed to give a fuller, natural-looking and shapely buttocks. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the procedure. 

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in mid-30s lady.

The Brazilian butt lift is also known as butt augmentation. The objective of the procedure is to enhance the bum and size in a way that’s not too invasive. Essentially, the procedure uses fat transfer to the buttocks. This means that fat is taken from one part of the body, like your thighs, and transferred into the bum. 

Only the highest quality fat cells are injected into the buttocks. The fat is harvested, purified, and prepared for grafting before being injected into the body. In recent years, this method has surpassed traditional techniques like implants to create more natural-looking results and fullness. 

With any cosmetic treatment, there are inherent risks to surgery. However, a Brazilian butt lift presents unique risks. It sounds like BLL is simple like you’re just taking fat from one part of the body and putting it in another. But it’s actually a very complex surgery that requires expert knowledge and expertise to perform the procedure safely. When you’re performing fat transfer surgery, you need to know how to do it exceptionally and safely. Injecting too much fat or too deeply into the body can lead to dire consequences.  

Due to the popularity of BLL, some surgeons who are not qualified are offering the procedure at an attractive price. As much as it can be tempting to choose a cheaper option, it’s not safe. BLL has a high number of fatalities and post-op incidences because of this very reason. It’s important to understand the risks of this type of procedure and use a certified plastic surgeon with expertise in Brazilian butt lift surgery. 

The Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift 

There are several reasons why patients choose a Brazilian butt lift, including:

  • Reduce fat pockets in other parts of the body 
  • Boost confidence 
  • Make cellulite less visible 
  • Improve proportions of the body 
  • Fuller, rounder and more lifted bum

Although the obvious benefit sounds like it would be a fuller and more lifted bum, changing the contours of your body can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. 

Can You Combine a Brazilian Butt Lift with Other Procedures?

Many patients like to combine procedures where possible. The benefits of this tend to be that you save time as you only have one period of recovery, rather than recovering from two separate surgeries. Of course, everybody is unique, so you will need to discuss your expectations and questions with your surgeon. Some patients like to combine a Brazilian butt lift with a tummy tuck, but this will impact how you recover. 

If you feel like you have a flat bum or sagging, you may be considering a Brazilian butt lift. The surgery does present its own unique risks; therefore, it’s crucial you speak to a certified plastic surgeon before committing to anything. You can then make the best choice for you.  

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