Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time: What to Expect 

When treating carpal tunnel syndrome, many recommend starting with more conservative measures. However, in more severe cases or those that don’t improve after treatment, then surgery may be required. Here’s what to expect from your carpal tunnel surgery recovery time. 

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Carpal Tunnel Surgery UK?

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery time can vary between individuals. In general, it takes most people to have full power in the affected hand between 6-12 weeks after surgery. 

Initially, your hand will feel a little sore for a day or so following the procedure. This will continue to settle down, and you may need some over-the-counter painkillers following your doctor’s advice. 

For the first couple of days of your carpal tunnel surgery recovery timeline, you can start to use your hand for gentle tasks like holding a book or a cup. At times you’re not using the hand, keep it elevated to reduce swelling. Throughout your recovery, you can gradually build up to larger tasks like brushing your hair. 

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What Can You Do 2 Weeks After Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

After 2 weeks, you should be able to resume activity in the hand. If you have a job that doesn’t require heavy lifting, then you should be able to go back to work after a couple of weeks. Your recovery will really depend on the severity of the condition and your individual healing. 

It’s not uncommon to feel an aching pain in the hand for up to a few months following your surgery. Most patients will be doing some form of hand therapy following carpal tunnel surgery. This will be a program aimed at strengthening the hand so that you can get back to full power and mobility. 

How Painful is it After Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 

It’s normal to experience some pain and aching in the first few days following your surgery. Pain is normal after surgery, but it should be manageable with over-the-counter medications. Your hand and wrist may feel even worse than they did, but this feeling is temporary. The pain should start to go away, and the hand strength should return. 

You will find that your grip strength will be weaker after the operation, and there will be some discomfort. While this is frustrating, over the new few weeks, you should start to feel stronger as you go through the healing process. It’s important that you follow any post-surgical directions from your doctor or hand therapist. If you do exercises like squeezing balls too much or too early on, it could delay the recovery. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery at The Harley Clinic 

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery recovery time varies, but you can expect to spend several weeks working on regaining your strength. While the operation is relatively straightforward, it’s important that you follow your doctor’s recovery instructions so that you can heal properly and have a speedy recovery. 

If you’re experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, book a consultation today at The Harley Clinic to talk about your treatment options.

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